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Natural Ingredients

What Sets Us Apart

We make it a reality!

Whether you are a healthcare professional with years of experience, or someone with insight into a novel dietary supplement formulation, we will help you start and finish by making your product a reality. 

If you contacted multiple contract manufacturers, you would find their minimum order quantities (MOQs) are extremely high and out of the question. MOQs for hard shell capsules are 200,000 capsules, powders 500 Kg, softgels and stick packs 500,000. 

You can contact a private label manufacturer that offers to put your label on their product, but it is missing certain ingredients you feel are important to product efficacy. It is just not your formula. 

NUTRAVENT will make your unique product a reality with a minimum of 1000 bottles for hard shell capsules and 100 Kg for powders. Starting at the Research & Development level, to sourcing the best ingredients available, ingredients and finished product testing validation, test batching pilot run, we will take your product to final production. 

Product release includes the Product Release Form, a copy of the Production Batch Record (PBR), Lab Testing Report, and Supplement Facts for label verification. 


To make your experience the highest quality, we also include: 



Validated ingredient mixing for content uniformity.

Custom and Proprietary Formulations:

Highly functional formulations specific to your needs.


Two-Piece Hard Shell Encapsulation:

Gelatin, vegetable, or polymer capsules in a range of sizes and colors meeting USP standards.


Bottle Filling:

High speed, high performance bottling capabilities.


Bulk Bag Filling:

Large quantity bagging for bulk shipping.


Stick Packs:

Variable size stick packs for food and beverage needs plus pack-out.


In-House Label Printing:

Four color label process with professional graphics and teams.


Regulatory support:

Regulatory support for food and dietary supplements labeling or processing.


Logistics Support:

Foreign or domestic logistic needs with delivered costs included.


Packet Filling:

Powder or liquid fills.


Liquid Filling:

Small or large runs of various packaging options.


Label Design:

Four color custom labels.



Multiple shapes and sizes (formulary dependent).


Pouch Filling:

Powder formulations (protein, carbohydrate, custom blends).


Soft Gel Capsules:

Gelatin or Vegetarian (product dependent).


Turn-key product development:

From cradle to grave with marketing assistance.

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