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Our Approach

The 3 Phases of Your Brand

PHASE I - The Setup: Formulation & Research
PHASE II - The Build Out: Manufacturing
PHASE III - Final Execution of Finished Product

Our Approach
Outdoor Fitness

The Setup:
Formulation & Research

With our experienced team in the product development processes, we bring healthy concepts to the global market. We work with formulators that align with your product strategy and specification. Our goal is to continually focus on cost control.

Our entire quality control team work to assure in the safety, efficacy, regulatory compliance, and robust processing of the formulas.

NUTRAVENT will manage the formulation and process development, including:


  • Custom product formulation

  • Reverse engineering

  • Research & Development

  • Supply chain & Procurement

  • Packaging & conceptual design

  • Manufacturer selection

  • Assessing equipment, facilities, QC systems & programs

  • Advising on facility and quality related issues

The Build Out: 

Our manufacturing relationships allow us to know and maintain the quality control character of your product along with passing on our exclusive pricing to you. This provides our clients with confidence in this part of the build out. With extensive manufacturing contacts we can customize production to meet client's needs and specifications.

NUTRAVENT works with contract manufacturers which carry built in quality control requirements that are enforced through regulatory agencies while following strict compliance throughout processing and production.

During production, NUTRAVENT visits and holds random audit inspections of these qualified facilities throughout the project. We maintain thousands of international manufacturers for company expansion or region preference. One of our core attributes is to be able to bring more finished products to human beings in the most cost effective way. Our team works with our clients to find the manufacturing arrangements to facilitate cost reduction and promote continued profitability. At the end of this phase, NUTRAVENT will present a final product that we all can be proud of.

Final Execution of Finished Product

NUTRAVENT brings healthy life products to all nations of people who can benefit from them. We work with you to impact consumers from around the globe with a strong market presence. Our marketing professionals work to utilize specific target niches and demographic basis via internet, direct sales, and several other media options which ultimately gives a face to the brand.

NURTAVENT does not set your retail prices but will help to define the competitive market while helping you find  a viable retail price point.

  • Dedicated national and international marketing teams for continuous promotion

  • Identify opportunities for growth in market presence and market share

  • Periodic consultations to discuss profitability optimization

  • Expansion of global opportunities through marketing alliances in various countries

  • Increase Online Networks

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