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NUTRAVENT helps to serve people by building life changing finished products from their beginning up to higher amounts than our minimum order quantities and takes it to all the nationsWhether you are a healthcare professional with years of experience, or someone with insight into a novel dietary supplement formulation, we will help you start and finish by making your product a reality. 


If you contacted multiple contract manufacturers, you would find their minimum order quantities (MOQs) are extremely high and out of the question. MOQs for hard shell capsules are 200,000 capsules, powders 500 Kg, and stick packs 500,000. You can contact a private label manufacturer that offers to put your label on their product, but it is missing certain ingredients you feel are important to product efficacy. It is just not your formula. 


NUTRAVENT will make your unique product a reality with a minimum of 1000 bottles for hard shell capsules and 100 Kg for powders. Starting at the Research and Development level, to sourcing the best ingredients available, validating ingredients and finished product testing, and test batch pilot run, we will take your product to final production. The cradle to the grave.


Product release includes the Product Release Form, a copy of the Production Batch Record (PBR), Lab Testing Report, and Supplement Facts for label verification. 



There are three phases to your brand: The Setup, The Build Out and the Final Execution.

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Our mission is to create “state of the art” brand development. We focus in, and firmly believe that a product is only as good as the level of service accompanied with it.

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We will help you create proficient product strategy that pinpoints your niche market, edges your core competence, and improves the overall performance of your product. 

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