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Natural Nutraceutical Manufacturer

Building & Formulating Healthy Products

for Global Branding

NUTRAVENT's Vision  

NUTRAVENT serves its clients by building long term, life changing finished product brands from its beginning concepts to final execution into the world-wide markets.  



Whether you are a healthcare professional with years of experience, or someone with insight into a novel dietary supplement formulation, we will help you start and finish by making your product a reality.We are a natural nutraceutical contract manufacturer of dietary supplements that offers turnkey manufacturing in our FDA approved facility with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as mandated by the 21 CFR Part 111. From hard shell capsules and blended powders, to any delivery form you desire with our partnering companies. 

Our last annual FDA audit closing date was August 19, 2021.

What Makes Us Special?

A Minimum 1000 Bottles 

Unlike other manufacturers, whose minimum order quantities (MOQs) are at 200,000 capsules, we will make your unique product at a minimum of 1000 bottles. 

The Purest Ingredients 

We source the best quality ingredients available. These raw ingredients are produced and grown from manufacturers worldwide. 

Rigorous Product Testing

We start first with Research & Development, to ingredient and finished product testing validation, test batching pilot run, and then final production. 

Innovative Packaging

We keep up with any innovative packaging and it won't cost you thousands of dollars. Our designs are tailor-fit to match the essence of each product.   

Take a Tour of the NUTRAVENT Facility

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"No company works harder to ensure your brand is safe and built correctly from start to finish."

Julie Gibbs
Operations Service Manager

“I like my job because the products we produce are helping other people.”

Tom Washburn
Lead Production Operator

"Our production facility is well organized, clean, and our staff is friendly. We strive to have good quality ingredients for all our brands."


Healthy Products Build Healthy & Happy Lives

Let's take care of each other (and pets) one product and one family at a time!

Ask Us Anything

Mailing Address:

1940 Fountain View Drive #1225 

Houston, TX 77057  903-283-2153

Thank you. We will be in touch soon!

Research and Development Production Facility Address:

4565 Kipling St. 

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

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